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Included in this gorgeous set is 1x Bamboo cotton headband, perfect to wear whilst you cleanse, exfoliate, mask or apply make up.

5x Bamboo cotton velvet facial wipes perfect for the delicate eye area and more sensitive skin. 

5x Bamboo cotton terry towel facial wipes perfect for removing heavier makup, removing masks and exfoliants.

Thin enough to also apply toners/skin drinks too (wipes can be re-used up to 200 times!).

1x Cotton mesh bag to store your wipes/headband and wash them in the washing machine once a week. 


Make the swap to an ECO/Earth friendly product, limiting the wastage of throw away cotton rounds. 

All natural and chemical free, these Bamboo cotton facial wipes will support healthy happy skin. 


Also available to purchase insalon. 

Reusable Facial Wipes & Headband Set

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