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Let's Start At The Beginning.

Beginning your skin health journey can feel quite daunting as well as confusing because there are so many different treatments and product ranges available. This is why we have created our Holistic Skin Consultation for clients concerned with inflammatory skin conditions such as Acne, Eczema, Dermatitis & or Rosacea. The Holistic Skin Consultation can be completed on its own or combined with a bespoke facial or LED session. 

During your consultation we want to learn about your skin health concerns and your journey thus far. When we discover your skin health past & present, we can then transfer your skins future! An important part of your consultation is using our Observ 520x Skin Analyser Machine to take detailed images of your skin from the deepest layers. You will then be sent with your own personalised Skin Health Plan and Skin Prescription as well as having greater understanding about how the skin works and why you have been experiencing your skin health issues. As part of your consultation if you have an inflammatory skin condition such as Acne, Eczema or dermatitis you will also receive support/advise at no additional cost to

your consultation.

 With your knew found knowledge and the support from our skin therapists at Rejuvenate You Beauty, you will feel empowered and ready to start your skin journey. 

Holistic Skin Consultation 50min $90.00
Redeem $40 of your consultation on two or more products purchased from our skincare ranges and internal skin health products too. 
Holistic Skin Consultation & LED Session 70min $120.00
*You will also receive 10% of your prescribed skincare products when
purchasing on the day. 

Holistic Skin Consultation & Bespoke Facial 90min $180.00 
*You will also receive 10% of your prescribed skincare products when
purchasing on the day. 

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