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We spend a third of our lives in bed, whether that's an indulgent nap on a lazy sunday afternoon or a much needed restful nights sleep after a long day; we need to be as comfortable as possible to be able to drift off into an undisturbed sleep. 

Pure Silk Eye Masks are a luxurious must have item, they are light blocking, comforting and anti ageing. 

LOVE E.CO has taken the traditional pure silk eye mask and have created a product that will soothe the mind and body as well as promote restful sleep.

Our Crystal Pure Silk Eye Masks have the option to be used as a traditional eye mask or paired with beautiful healing crystals for meditation, relaxation, sleep or even reducing headaches and puffy eyes. 

This alluring charcoal pure silk eye mask is paired with mystical Black Obsidian Crystals, that will fill the entirety of the mask. Black Obsidian is a strongly protective stone, absorbing negative energies from the environment, forming a shield against negativity. It's a grounding stone, helping you to become more focused, bringing more balance to your life, clearing your mind of fears and distractions. This magical stone also has the ability to draw out mental stress and tension.

How to use your Eye Mask:

Your silk eye mask can be used as a traditional sleeping eye mask on its own, without the crystals (you can choose to leave your crystals in the bag they came in and place them under or next to your pillow whilst sleeping).

To use your silk eye mask with the crystals open the zip at the top of the mask, tip the entirety of the crystals in to the mask and place over your eyes whilst you meditate, relax, sleep or you can even place your crystals into a bowl, pop them into the fridge for 15-30mins, place them into the mask and this technique can be used to reduce headaches and puffy eyes.  

Pure Silk Sleep Eye Mask with Black Obsidian Crystals

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