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Certified Organic Plant Protein with Digestive Enzymes. Vanilla flavour.

An expertly curated blend of organic sprouted, fermented pea and brown rice protein to offer a complete amino acid profile. The blend of rice and pea protein offers a complete protein source which is often lacking in regular plant protein powders.

For ease of digestion and gut health support, our pea protein has been sprouted and fermented making it easier to digest than regular pea protein. The addition of our VITA-SOL sprout blend, cinnamon and acacia fibre adds additional nutrients and fibre to further help support a healthy gut and healthy glucose levels.

VITA-SOL ORGANIC PLANT PROTEIN is third party certified organic (ACO) and offers superior quality plant protein and digestive support making it the perfect choice for those looking for a quality plant based alternative.

Organic Plant Protein with Digestive Enzymes

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