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The Clear Quartz Crystal Gua Sha Massage Tool and Facial Roller set is the perfect addition to any daily skincare ritual.


Benefits of using the Gua Sha and Facial Roller:


- Stimulates the Lymphatic System to help remove waste build up and toxins within the skin. 

- Improves blood circulation which will increase oxygen and nutrient delivery to the skin cells, improving the health and quality of the cell. 

- Clearer and brighter complexion 

- Improves stimulation of Collagen growth

- Reduce puffiness in the skin

- Reduce Dark Circles

- Reduce wrinkles and fine lines

- Reduce stress, tension headaches and tight sore muscles 


Clear Quartz also know as "The Master Healer". This translucent crystal is full of love and light, transmuting negative energy and bathing you in positive energy. It has detoxifying qualities, making it  the perfect crystal to be used with Lymphatic Drainage Massage. It has the ability to clear energy blockages, whilst stimulating the immune system, bringing the mind and body back to a balanced state. 

Clear Quartz Crystal Facial Roller & Gua Sha Massage Tool Set

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